Alternatives to Multitran

Dear Community,

Some of you have surely used the Multitran online dictionary for your language pairs. It offers a lot of context across many (if not all) European languages, plus Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. I am wondering if you know other resources similar to Multitran. If yes, please share them in a chat below. :point_down:

I’d greatly appreciate any suggestions! :heart:


Hello Ellina,

Here are some other resources you probably know already:

  • Reverso
  • IATE
  • Termium
  • Unterm
  • MagicSearch
  • GT4T

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Thank you, Carine! Some of these resources are indeed new to me.

Hello Ellina,

Thank you for your reply.
I am writing here just to add one item I have forgotten, i.e., “Pons online dictionary”.
If I learn about some other new resources, I will tell you about it.

Best regards,

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