After submitting a complete task

Hi, I finished translating a document and uploaded the file and gave feedback. What happens next? How do I know it has been received as my badge shows no words donated.
Thank you

Hi Maria Montserrat, thank you for completing the task! :slight_smile: I confirm that your task was submitted correctly and there is nothing else you have to do. You can search for a new task to work on if you feel like it :wink:

Your task is now going to be revised and after it’s done, the revisor might leave feedback for you. If you’d like to see it, you can go to “Claimed Tasks” on TWB Platform and select “Complete” in the “Task Status” menu. There you will see the button “Task Reviews” for each task you’ve completed. If someone has left feedback on a task you’ve completed, it will be there.

When it comes to the the translator’s badge, TWB Platform updates every day at 9 GMT. This means the task you submitted should already be included in the word count on your badge.

Hello NataliaG. Many thanks for your message. Yes, the badge has been updated now. I will check on “Task Reviews” for feedback, thank you.
Best regards
Maria M

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