What happens after completing a project?

Hello, I recently completed my first translating project! I’m wondering if there are further steps such as revision or editing for me to do.
Also, are translators able to view completed projects?
thank you

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Hi @hunter.mattison and thank you for reaching out!

To answer your questions, we actually have two types of tasks on our platform; translation tasks like the one you completed, and revision tasks to revise the already translated ones :woman_technologist:

When you work on a translation task, another translator will revise your translation, and when the revision of your translation is submitted, you will be able to download the complete revised version which includes all the project as in the example below :arrow_down:

I hope this could clarify the information you needed, do let me know if you need any further assistance :innocent:

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Hello! How do we know when the revision job of our translation is complete? Is the translator notified somehow?

Hi Ana, and welcome to our forum! If you claimed a revision task, you will be automatically notified when the task is translated and ready for revision.

Thanks for your reply, Ambra. I was actually asking if after you finish a translation job you are notified once the revision process has been completed by another colleague. Thanks!

Oh sorry Ana, I completely misunderstood your question then. No, I don’t think you are notified in that case. Do you think this would be important to be included in a future development?

No problem, thanks for replying. In the case of not receiving feedback from the person doing the revision job, how would you get to know if you did a good translation job or check if fragments were modified to learn from those revisions?

Hey @AnaB It’s quite unfortunate that some volunteers don’t leave feedback, but you can actually request for a workflow changes document from the PM of that task. to do this, on your profile, under complete tasks, click on the specific task to the get the PM’s email address who can then provide the docs upon request. does this work for you?

Hello, Meg. This should work well, thanks!

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How can I activate my email so that when ever there is task available i will be notified

Hey @alhajimainayerima I see that you have your email notifications activated to daily. Could you confirm if you have received any in the past? However, is seems we have not had many tasks in your language pairs recently but keep an eye out, something will turn up soon :slight_smile:

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No, i haven’t received any in the past.