Ukrainian mental health research - interpretation and translation opportunity


Im a clinical psychologist in training in Kings College, London. I am conducting a research study exploring the mental health of Ukrainians who are hosted within local families. Our team is looking for an Ukrainian-English interpreter and written translator for the project. You would have the opportunity to gain experience in the field of research, gain training on ethics and mental health in research, and also receive a small payment for the work(our budget is unfortunately small as Im a student). You might also qualify as an author on any published papers, subject to discussions prior to starting.
The work would start from January, and require a few hour of commitment on Mondays/Fridays.

If youre interested please get in touch with me to discuss further: or 07517898095

Best wishes,

Disclaimer: the job is not in partnership with TWB and TWB staff is not involved in any steps of the process.


Hello @teisit and thanks for posting this, I hope you will find someone to help you!

May I recommend that you include your contact details (email address and/or phone number) so people can contact you more easily if they want to? To reply to this thread you need to be logged-in and have an account, some people might not have that but they want to connect with you for this project anyway. This is just a suggestion to boost your chances of finding someone :wink:


Thank you Ambra for the tip! I have added these now :slight_smile: