Translate TWB's new website - CLEAR Global!

:mega: Translators without Borders is evolving to become part of our new initiative: CLEAR Global! Translators without Borders is not going away, and we’re excited to reach more people through CLEAR Global.

We have now launched our CLEAR Global website, and we need your help to make it more inclusive. This time around, one of our priorities is to make our content available in… Arabic, Bangla, French, Hausa, Spanish and Swahili! :earth_africa: :earth_asia: :earth_americas:

If you can translate from English into one of the languages mentioned above :point_up_2: this is your chance to get involved in our brand evolution. All you need to do is claim tasks we will be posting under “CLEAR Multilingual Website” in the coming weeks! So, please watch this space and subscribe to the tag “clearglobal” to get notifications (click on the “Subscribe to Tag” button on the top right corner of this page)! :memo:

As a bonus, linguists who translate over 3,000 words will get a personalized thank you note and a certificate of appreciation to share on their social media and LinkedIn profiles. This is in addition to the obvious satisfaction of serving an incredibly valuable cause and seeing your work published on our official webpages! #languagematters :trophy:

We look forward to a more inclusive website, with information available in more languages our community understands!
Thanks again for your continued support, we couldn’t do it without you!


Great news! I’m looking forward to help translating CLEAR Global’s website into Portuguese. :smiley: :portugal:


Hello @ambra, how are you?
This is so fantastic, thanks for TWB in general for coming up with this greatest initiative.
I will be happy to help in translation, Swahili and French or Kinyarwanda if any.


Hi @ambra. Of course you know you can count me in!


Won’t let you alone I guess :slight_smile: I am there too


I will be happy to help translating into Arabic for sure! :slight_smile:


I would also be really happy to help with translating into Spanish if you may still need volunteers :blush:


Hi everybody! That’s amazing :heart_eyes: Thank you all for your availability and willingness to support TWB with this project too! As Ambra said, we couldn’t do it without you :star2:


Although I never disliked the name, but it felt like we were a part of the “without border” “fraternity.” I still experience too many people look down upon the work we do. But I think of a world without us, I see many organizations, both for-profit and non-profit, struggling to convey their messages to their patrons, beneficiaries, employees, and/or volunteers. Needless to say, the cost of “mere translation” would deplete their funds.

So, I call this a called-for upgrade. TWB is not going away, but I was happy to see it was finally getting rid of the “without border” thing as part of their changes in branding, logo, and external facing. “CLEAR” is distinct, it will convey our works in a much better way.

I am and I will always be proud of being a part of this estimable organization. Looking forward to seeing the new website in different languages!


Hi @sifatnoor, thank you so much for this great feedback, it’s really important for us to know our volunteer translators’ perceptions and standpoints on this! :blush:

You are right: TWB is not going away and it will remain core to the organisation. CLEAR Global will complement TWB and as you said, we hope we’ll be able to better convey all the work we do :sunny:

Thank you for your ongoing support, Sifat :star2:


Hi everyone, :blossom:

I just figured this out, so I don’t know if this is still available. But I will be really happy if I can be part of this project.
It is my pleasure to help to translate it into Arabic. :blush:

Best regards. Lilav.

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Hi @Lilav_Alarashi

Thanks for your interest in supporting TWB with this project :star2: :star_struck:

As the original post says, we haven’t started on this yet but when we have more information, we’ll add it here!

You can turn on notifications for this thread so you’ll be alerted if there are any updates :smiley: