Supporting Our Community's Wellbeing: Free Training on Vicarious Trauma in collaboration with MasterWord

Hey TWB community! :wave:

We’ve got some exciting news: in collaboration with MasterWord, we’re proud to present a training session that can make a real difference in your work, especially if you deal with traumatic content or challenging situations. We understand that some of the projects we handle from our nonprofit partners can be emotionally taxing, and sometimes, life itself presents us with difficult realities to navigate.
Together with Ludmila Golovine, President and CEO of MasterWord, we’re going to delve into the topic of vicarious trauma. This phenomenon can impact your performance and overall well-being when you’re exposed to or internalize someone else’s trauma.

We care about your well-being. That’s why we’re offering this free 90-minute training for TWB Community members. Learn about vicarious trauma, a natural response to witnessing another’s trauma, pain, or suffering - something humanitarian translators might encounter throughout their careers. Use the code CGVT23 to watch on-demand for free.

In this training session, you’ll gain valuable tools to help you identify and analyze triggers that can lead to vicarious trauma. But that’s not all! You’ll also learn practical steps to prevent and mitigate the effects of vicarious trauma. :shield: