Share your voice for World Refugee Day!

This World Refugee Day, show how you stand #WithRefugees! :handshake:

June 20 is World Refugee Day, an important event for CLEAR Global. Much of our work is focused on supporting refugees around the world, from Bangladesh to Venezuela. :earth_americas: We advocate for refugee rights. We amplify refugee voices. We help displaced people everywhere to get the information they need, in a language and format they understand.

You help us achieve this. By offering your time and language skills, you’re helping refugees, whoever they are, wherever they are in the world, to get vital information in their language. Would you like to show your solidarity as one of the voices standing #WithRefugees this World Refugee Day? :mega:

:writing_hand: We’re looking to mark World Refugee Day with content from our own community members! We would be especially keen to receive materials and discuss ideas if:

  • You have lived experience as a refugee, and want to tell your story,
  • You have experience working or volunteering for refugee aid services and want to share your experience or invite others to join

This is a great opportunity for you to promote your content, work more closely with our staff, and advocate refugees’ rights. If you prefer to stay anonymous, we can also publish your content without disclosing your identity.

:arrow_right: You can contribute in any way you like: write a blog post or a poem, organize a webinar, or simply send in a picture - it’s up to you! The deadline for sending in materials is June 1. If you have an idea for a topic to discuss or a story to tell, please email a short paragraph (200/300 words) to, and we will follow up in two business days. :incoming_envelope:

We’re looking forward to seeing you come up with creative ways to celebrate World Refugee Day 2022!


Thanks for the initiative, @ambra! :star_struck:

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Hi @ambra,

I would like to ask you if is it possible to contribute by sending you a short article related to this important event? :writing_hand:

Waiting to hear from you and thanks again or the initiative. :tulip:

Best regards. Lilav.

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Hi Lilav, how are you? Yes, of course, you can send any materials to and we will follow up.

Thank you for your interest!

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I will, thank so much, @ambra! :rosette:

Being either a refugee or Internally displaced people (IDP) or returnees will more likely affect the children , mother’s and older age group than other categories of people. Thus we should feel that those Refugees , IDP are father,mother and children’s in all of the world. So be a voice for these vulnerable people with out limitations of languages through our contributions via TWB.

I would spend a few words in order to remind me of the importance of grandma’s mental health when caring for a grandson because young women need to migrate and work as caregivers.

Nicaragua has 6 million inhabitants. 2,7 million persons migrated in the last decade. Since 2018 dozens of persons have died trying to cross borders. I stand #WithRefugees! :heart: