Revised content got many errors?

Hello everyone.

I have delivered my translation for a task yesterday and I saw the task is reviewed and completed today.

The problem is the reviewer has changed my translation into literal translation, added incorrect translation, introduced spelling errors and added unnecessary stylistic changes into my translation which affected the format of the document.

I don’t have the contact of the reviewer, I also couldn’t comment in the community discussion link provided for that task. I would love to discuss with the reviewer about it.

Is there anyway to fix this issue? Thank you in advance for your replies. Stay safe!

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Hello, thanks a lot for flagging this. We will check this internally and let you know!

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Hello again and thanks a million for your feedback, we deeply appreciate it. We have examined this internally and we have received the following feedback:

  • Style: the reviser aimed at a more formal tone using neutral, official, and academic languages which, in this case, are more suitable given the target audiences of the document (government, media & organizations). As the reviser had a different approach, stylistic changes were needed to be made to maintain the consistency of his version.
  • Word choice: the reviser picked some terms that are appropriate with the context and use of the text.
  • Accuracy: The revised version is truthful to the original.

We are happy to hear that your work was such a good piece for the reviser to work on and build a very clean version. I understand some changes may worry you, but from the feedback we received, they were introduced to better fit the scope of the translation. Overall, this looks like a great team work. Thanks again!


Hi Ambra,

I have checked the revision again today. It looks like it was done by a professional reviser this time, which is completely different from the version I checked 1 week ago. I don’t have any complaint this time. It was indeed good teamwork. Thank you for being responsive!



Hi! How are you?
My name is Florencia and I’m new at TWB.
Could you tell me if it is possible for me to get some feedback on my translations? I’m not sure if that is a possibility.

Hi Florencia, welcome to TWB! I hope you are finding your way around ok :star_struck: If you haven’t already, please take a look at our welcome pack, where you can find information about getting started and receiving feedback from tasks.
Don’t hesitate to let me know if you can’t find what you’re look for :slight_smile:
Best of luck!



I have recently translated a project contains 1008 words and I was checking the reviews now.

I didn’t find ratings (I don’t know why), but I was able to download the revised version.

I don’t know what he/ she changed but I found the common term “Covid-19” translated wrong.

The reviser changed the right translation into wrong one.

So, If I concentrated in the rest of the changes, I’m sure that I will be super sad! :slight_smile:

Now, I just want to know in general, Why there’s no reviews/ ratings while there is a revised version?

Also, I found some sentences highlighted, could this mean that those sentences have changes or errors? (In the reviewer’s point of view)

Thanks in advance,


Hi @Dalia1,
I found this existing thread about a similar issue. Ratings/reviews are not compulsory, though they are certainly encouraged. About highlighting I am not sure. Neverthless, we can tag our kind @charlotte1 and @Silvia_Mauri who will probably reply soon.
I hope this helps.
Have a lovely evening!


Thanks @faretto5,

Ratings are mandatory and ONLY the feedback is optional!
We can’t submit a revised task without rating it!



Hi @Dalia1,
thank you for reaching out. I can assure you that it is not like that: I got many revised tasks without neither ratings nor reviews. You can check that when you revise a task: when the rating/review page opens you have a double option: to fill it in and “submit” it or just “skip” it.
I hope this helps.
Have a great day ahead!


Hi @Dalia1, thanks for reaching out to us and for sharing your concerns :hugs:

I confirm what the kind @faretto5 mentioned above, leaving reviews is not mandatory, so that’s why sometimes you would just see the document’s revised version, but no feedback.

We always encourage our translators to leave constructive feedback, as we know it is very important for translators to better understand the changes and corrections introduced by the reviewer :100:

However, I’m going to send you your original version and the reviewed version for you to compare :slight_smile:

I hope this helps, but let us know if you have any other questions or comments. :sunny:

Thanks a lot for your support, Dalia :tulip:


Hi @faretto5,

I didn’t notice this option “skip” the page! :smiley: :blush: For this reason, I have rated all the tasks that I worked on till now! :smiley: :smiley: Thanks for letting me know my friend, Lucia! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :rose:

Kind regards,


Hi @Silvia_Mauri,

Thanks for your reply!

Yes, I know that the feedback is optional but I wasn’t know that the rating also is optional.

Regarding sending me the revised version and my translated version, that’s kind of you, thank you so much!

But I’m sure that the reviser mistranslated the word COVID-19!

My post here not only to complain for me as a translator for this task but also to know the action that I should take when I see wrong translation in the final version of a task.

Translators and revisers could make mistakes! It’s fine! We all are learning and working on our skills to strength them daily, but we should mention the errors for each others to help each others. Also, to get the best quality in the final version.

I mean, when I say I noticed an “error” in the revised version, this is not to criticize the reviser but to help him/ her to correct a mistake to reach our goal to have a final version with high quality! :slight_smile:

I hope my point is clear! :blush:

Have a great day! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi @Dalia1 :wave:

Thank you for your comments and for raising this!

Hopefully, by posting on this thread, both translators and revisers can see it and they’ll pay extra attention to this easy mistake :grinning:

I think it’s a great idea to help out other translators, and it’s what makes the TWB community so great :star_struck:

Thank you, Dalia, for your commitment to this project!


Hi @charlotte,

I hope so! :grinning: :grinning: Thank you so much, Charltte! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Kind regards,