Question about "Training Course on Humanitarian Translation: course completion

Hello there,

I just finished completing the Training Course on Humanitarian Translation but I’m rather confused about what it is I just completed and if I actually did things correctly here. So in the introduction text for the course, it says the course takes approximately 4 hours long and that you have to have a Moodle account. Not seeing an ‘self enrolment’ button (like for other courses) nor any indication of how to link the Moodle account to the TWB platform I proceeded to click on the sections, going through all five and completing them in about an hour and without using Moodle, thinking that perhaps this could be done at a later point. So I finished the Tests Yourself section at the end and that was it, there was no message or certificate of completion or anything, yet when I go to the home screen in the TWB Learning Center I can see that the course now displays as 100% complete in the available courses section. I clearly missed something because, one, it didn’t take me 4 hours to complete the course, and two, I didn’t use Moodle at all and so I’m left scratching my head wondering what I did wrong. Any insight into this will be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance!

Hi @Rob1 and thank you for reaching out! :smile:
We checked and you appear to be enrolled in this course and to have completed it. The Learning Center is now integrated on the TWB Platform, so once you logged in there, you shouldn’t have to log in again via Moodle, maybe that’s what confused you?
As for the certificate, this is a rather old course, so we don’t have one. But we’re currently reviewing all materials from previous years available on the Learning Center, to make sure we harmonize our offering and we can offer certificates for all courses. Stay tuned! :sunglasses:

Hi EleonoraTWB, thanks for your reply. Yes, I was thrown off by the Moodle thing and also by the supposed course duration. If you were able to verify that I completed the course then that’s all that matters, no need for a certificate, just happy to learn and to contribute. :sunglasses: Thanks once again and have a great rest of the week!

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