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I have a project to complete, only 1,600 words or so, but the MateCat/Kato platform is behaving very oddly, I can’t complete the work because of the way it’s behaving and I need advice to either a) relinquish the project or b) get advice so that the platform works in such as way that I can continue.


Left hand segment (source text):
“Harmoniser la terminologie entre le siège et les différents pays d’intervention”

Right hand segment (target text: this field is completed for the translator by the platform)
“A variety of tools useful for strengthening coordination between headquarters and individual store are available.”

For those non-French speakers (the French speakers will see straight away), the problem is that the pre-populated target text field segment bears no relation to the source text.

This is just ONE example and the discord between source and target text just gets worse and worse. It makes it impossible to work on because I can see that the MateCat/Kato platform has target text which pre-populates the segments, that it bears no relation to the source, that I then cannot match source or target, cannot post-edit what the platform is proposing as the translation and am really very worried that I cannot complete this on time.


I have been in touch with my contact at TWB, and her recommendation was to post this problem here on this forum.

Thanks in advance.


I see no interaction/replies. I am currently working on this project to deliver within the agreed time frame.

The platform seems to have “acquiesced” somewhat in the the ST does now correspond to the TT that the platform is prompting. However, there are still a few hiccups here and there and without interaction or input from those who posted this job in the first place, I am hard-pressed as the translator to do more than my best. I need input from those who created this job and do not know of any other way to appeal for it other than this community forum.