New "Proofreading and Approval" Task Type

New “Proofreading and Approval” Task Type

:mega: We have added a new task typeProofreading and Approval” to the TWB Platform. While we have always had this task type in our translation process, we have managed it “behind the scenes” until now, asking specific Community members to take on this task. PMs were manually assigning the tasks to members, and giving them recognition credit in the form of “dummy tasks”. With the most recent update to the TWB Platform, we now allow all Community members to find and select “Proofreading and Approval” as a task type that they can volunteer for. :memo:

Here is how this change manifests: on your Home page in the Task Type drop-down list, you can filter for “Proofreading and Approval” tasks from now on. Don’t worry if you can’t find any tasks immediately: maybe there are no “Proofreading and Approval” tasks available at the moment for your languages, but they will be posted soon! :soon:

If you choose this task type, then depending on your other filter criteria like “Source Language” and “Target Language” your results list may include tasks that need to be proofread. In our example, the file ”1 Kato.docx” is a document that is in need of proofreading. :arrow_down:

:white_check_mark: Simply click on the name of the document that you are interested in and claim this task like you would claim any other Translation or Revision task.

It is important to note that you can claim a Revision task and a Proofreading and Approval task even before you are able to start working on them. This is because the translation of those tasks needs to be completed before either Revision and Proofreading and Approval can begin. In your Claimed Tasks you can see all tasks that you have claimed. For some there is a green button with a link to the actual Translation project in Phrase TMS. Click on that button and you will be able to start working on that task. :computer_mouse:

:stop_sign: For others, that green button is not displayed. That means that the task is not available yet for you to work on. The button will appear automatically when you can proceed working on the task, and you will also be notified by email.

:arrow_up: In the screenshot above you can see that only the Translation task for 8.3 Polar Bears.docx has a green button that states “Translate using Phrase TMS”. That file can be translated. However, Revision for the file “8.2 Polar Bears.docx” cannot proceed because the file is not translated yet. This task hence lacks the green button. Proofreading for the file “8.1 Polar Bears.docx” cannot proceed because the file is neither translated nor revised. When both of those prior tasks are completed, the green button will automatically appear and you can proceed with proofreading.

:gift: The Proofreading and Approval task type has also been added to our Community Recognition Program. If you complete a proofreading task, you will get 0.25 recognition points per word added to your balance. We based our points calculations on estimates that a proofreading task should require less time and effort to be completed than a translation or revision task. If you work on a proofreading task and notice that the translation quality is not up to standards, and you need to spend significant time to work on it, please contact us at We will look into your case and consider assigning you more recognition points accordingly.


Hello everyone, :raising_hand_woman:

Hope you’re having a great day! :star2: :tulip:

I am a little bit busy nowadays :woman_technologist:, so I couldn’t have any updates for the new task types.

I have found a new type on my home page :new: (Proofreading and Approval Task).

So is it a new type, and how we should deal with it? :question: :grey_question:

If you @Aya.Alrifai have any information, please let me know. :relaxed:

Best regards. Lilav.


Hi Lilav, how are you? Lovely to hear from you, as always. Yes indeed, we have a new task type and you can find more information about it just here :arrow_up: I moved your message under this thread so it’s easier for you to locate the info.