INSP Translation Service Update

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Dear TWB Team

With a heavy little heart, I am writing to let you know… that due to financial challenges which INSP is facing at the moment, my role here as admin and support officer is coming to an end in two weeks :frowning:

This was my first (and hopefully not my last) job working for a non-profit / charity.

It’s been eye-opening and a privilege to have been able to get to know so many of you and read so many of the articles that you’ve helped translate. (Both from before my time here, and during. Hopefully after too - I’ll keep my eye on INSPs website and socials :blush:)

In reading these articles, I have at times been moved to tears, laughter, smiles, frowns, joy, sadness…shock… looks of confusion and disbelief……too many emotions to list, but you get the idea. It has been an education in itself; I’m sure many of you would agree. I feel I am leaving the organisation with a different outlook on society and on the world. Thank you for this gift.

One of INSP’s goals is to provide and share high quality journalism and content for street papers around the world to publish… which directly benefits the vendors who go on to sell the papers, and who keep the profit. These are vendors who are often homeless or experiencing financial difficulty, loneliness, marginalisation… a whole host of obstacles which indeed many TWB folks will have translated about. Stories which range from the most shocking and upsetting, to the most hopeful, incredible and inspiring.

I have just been the “middle guy” really; Without you, a lot of this would be impossible, so a massive thanks to every one of you, for sharing these important articles, and for giving voice to the voiceless. You should be incredibly proud.:smiling_face_with_tear::dizzy:

INSPs Translation services will continue. My colleague, INSP editor extraordinaire, Tony Inglis @tony_insp will likely take over and will reach out to you with requests once I have left. You may also hear from Colleen Tait @ColleenTait , our brilliant membership and comms manager, who may send out details of INSP’s other translating, interpreting, and volunteering opportunities in future. Their contact details are here: INSP - Meet our staff and Board

Thanks again for EVERYTHING!: the translations, the incredible admin support, the feedback, the enthusiasm and the love. I wish every one of you all the very best in your future endeavours.

Keep on sharing your skills, kindness, and compassion – I’ll try my damn hardest to do the same… :heart: :dove::heart_on_fire::v:t4:

Siddra aka @SM.INSP