INSP’s Animation Launch Day & a Big Thank You to TWB!

Hello Team TWB!

Some of you may be aware, some of you not…. but today, International Network of Street Papers is really proud to be launching our little animation! It demonstrates, quite beautifully, the impact of the street paper movement across the world :dizzy:

Your translations often end up in our members’ street papers, which are sold across the world by vendors on low incomes or experiencing homelessness. We want to thank you again for being a part of that process :pray:

The video is available to view on our various socials below. Please feel free to watch, enjoy, like & share these posts using the hashtag #streetpapers Tagging both TWB and INSP is welcome - let’s celebrate our partnership :raised_hands:

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• LinkedIn International Network of Street Papers on LinkedIn: Street papers
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• Twitter - with German subtitles which TWB translated for us🤩 as shared by one of our member street papers here:

@twbadmin please feel free to copy or move this to a more relevant section if needed! :blush:

Thank you again everyone, for all that you do. It really is invaluable to us.

Team INSP :sunflower:


Such messages always warm our hearts :confetti_ball: :hugs:


@MegNyakwakaTWB Thank you for the kind words & I hope you enjoyed our little animation! :clapper: :popcorn: