I need a help^ _^

For the target languge, i can translate only into Arabic language and I don’t find this option,so Does this language exist or not? Who can help me

Hello @maria.alnoury and welcome among us.

Have you considered checking in the Projects part? Look at the tag ‘arabic’.

Hope this helps,


I did it, but to no avail

Hi @maria.alnoury and thank you for joining us! :hugs:

The availability of tasks varies from time to time, depending on our partners’ needs. We recommend regularly checking the homepage - new tasks can be posted in any minute. If you don’t find tasks when you check the homepage, this is only because no tasks are available at the time you are looking. If a language does not appear on the dropdown list, it means that there are no tasks for that language at the moment.

I also checked your profile and everything is working fine. You listed your language pair correctly and set the notification frequency to “daily”, which means that you will receive a notification every day that a new project for your language combinations is available. Notifications about new projects are sent to many users for the same language and they work on a first-come-first-served basis, so you want to be quick in claiming the task! :blush: