I havent received tasks for a long time

Hello everyone!

Hope everyone will be doing well.

After translating of some projects as a volunteer, its a while that I haven’t received any tasks for a long time according to my pairs of translation, I dont know if I am missing something in my profile or there isn’t any available tasks in these pairs? need help regarding the issue.

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Muneer Shah

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I just saw another person asking about any issues with the email notifications. I guess you are having the same issue. For me, I never knew about that function, so I never wait for the email notifications for the available tasks. I always log in the platform to check if anything.

Hi all,

I cannot find available tasks anymore in English, Italian and Spanish.

Does anyone know why?


Hi @Lodin8620 & @EliVitvit
From my experience, it depends on the availability of tasks.
There would be times when there are no available tasks in your pairs.

Keep checking the email notifications or the platform for any new tasks.