I am not sure to understand everything

Hello ! I am not really new to TWB but didn’t go very often because my pair languages are not very popular and/or the tasks are claimed before I come. And as a result, I have found other stuff to keep me busy. Well, never mind, I just come to the platform have seen some “unclaimed tasks” and with deadlines which dates back past years. What should we do with that? Should we let it “unclaimed”? Sorry, but I am not sure what is going on.

Thank you for your support, your time and consideration.

Hi @Hadrien_Beauvais,

Welcome to TWB and thanks for your willing to work and make a change.

Where do you find these tasks with back deadlines?

You should go to the home page https://twbplatform.org/ and then claim the tasks that are available in your language pair.

Make sure to complete your profile with all the necessary information to see the available tasks in your home page.

Also, choose your notification preference through your profile to receive an email with the available tasks.

I hope this helps to start/ continue your translation journey with TWB! :innocent:

Kind regards,

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