I am new to keto and have claimed my first task, but how do i know the price?


I am a new translator here, I get an email telling me about an available task in Keto platform. I took a look and decided to claim my task. but i couldnt found anything about the pirce or the payment method? is that the way translation is done here? I will translate my tasks, but what will happen after i deliever them.


Hi @MalekMashta, and welcome to the TWB community! :wave:

We are all here volunteered translators and reviewers :star_struck:, so there is no payment method.

After we complete our translation or revising tasks that we have claimed, we get some feedback, but leaving feedback on translation tasks is not obligatory, so you will find so many translation tasks had been reviewed without any feedback.

Then the word count will be updated: it can take up to 24 hours for your badge (the words donated count) to be up to date with the last task you submitted.

I glad to help by mentioning our kind, @Silvia_Mauri @charlotte1 :cherry_blossom: who will definitely assist you better.

Have a great day!

Best regards. Lilav.


Hi @MalekMashta

Firstly welcome to the TWB Community :star_struck:

I can confirm what the kind @Lilav_Alarashi said!

TWB is a non-profit organization offering language and translation support for humanitarian and development agencies and other non-profit organizations. For this reason, TWB works with translators on a voluntary basis. This means that, as a general rule, money payments aren鈥檛 part of our workflow.

In very rare instances, we may have paid projects depending on the word count, turnaround time, and type of document. However, this would be an exceptional circumstance and we would certainly inform our volunteer community :+1:

Of course, it is extremely important for us that translators feel motivated and supported, and that we express our gratitude for the work they do. This is why we have created a General Recognition Program for Kat贸 Translators, which you can read more about here :trophy:

I hope this clears things up for you, Malek!

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