How to submit a completed task in the Phrase TMS Web Editor

I have succeeded.
Thank you



Thanks for reaching out and letting us know and thanks for your support on this project :raised_hands:

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Hi, @charlotte1 this is helpful Info, but I am encountering more then 2-3 errors listed in QA for one single segment. May I confirm if it is OK to click ignore in such case as well?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi @linguistsneha and welcome to TWB! :tada:

As Charlotte kindly mentioned, it’s always good to use your judgment with this :eyes: : a QA check is meant to ensure overall quality and consistency. so when you see the list of issues, you can check them one by one, and go back to the segment to correct every issue, this will make it disappear from the list :+1:

If you believe that some of the issues are not real errors in your work, you can simply click on the small square on the right side to ignore them :information_source: If you’d like to learn more about QA checks, please follow this thread :arrow_backward:

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you need any help :innocent:

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Hello @Aya.Alrifai

Thanks for replying. I have followed the instructions mentioned in the QA guide as far as I have understood. However there are several instance in the document I am working where the spelling errors are mentioned are small parts of the words which can neither be substituted with any other form nor be further corrected. Even after ignoring them the segment is not highlighting green tick. My concern is without having all of the segments corrected how the document would be submitted.

Thanks in advance.


@linguistsneha I see what you mean :confused: but don’t worry about it, once you complete a task and make sure that you completed working on the solvable issues, you can reach out to us and we mark the task comlpete from our side :+1: :innocent:


Thanks for your kind and consoling words, I could eventually submit the task for now.


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Hello, @Aya.Alrifai @ClaudiaM @charlotte1 Recently I have been facing a problem with submitting the tasks I have completed. I am sure that I have confirmed all the segments but the “complete” button is still in the gray color. Hope you can help me!

Hi @Aya_Ashraf and thank you for reaching out! :dizzy:

To mark your tasks complete, you’ll only need to solve the issues left in the QA check:

:pushpin: Where there should be tags (blue numbers), kindly add them by pressing (F8) to add one tag at a time.

:pushpin: For punctuation, kindly replace the English commas with Arabic ones by pressing (shift + ن)

:pushpin: Instead of multiple spaces, press (shift+enter) to go to the next row in the same segment

:pushpin: Where the text should be bold please select the text and press (Ctrl+B)

If you need further assistance, please let me know :innocent:


Unable to submit completed task.

Hi @Marina1 and thank you completing your task!

I’ve just marked the task complete for you, if you need any assistance in your future tasks, kindly leave a message in the forum thread associated with your task as we discussed earlier here so we can help you faster :innocent:

Hi there, I am facing a submitting problem for 14.1 2. PowerPoint presentation (with BB module).pptx ”. Can anyone help?

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Hi @kartinirahmatillah and welcome to our community :sunflower:

I see that the task is marked complete now :innocent: Thanks for your support! :star2:


I have just concluded running the QA and the complete button is yet to change to blue to allow me submit my finished task. Any help?

Hi Ibrahim! I see that your task is marked complete. If you need assistance in your tasks, you’re always welcome to reach out to us using the forum thread associated with your task so we reply to you faster. Hope this helps! :innocent: