How to Deal With Eye Strain During Translation and Revising Tasks

My eyes started to hurt after completing three translation tasks how to do you deal with the eye strain?
My eyes began to hurt so bad that I failed to concentrate on the tasks so I have to drop it.


Hey Ahmet. There are a couple of ways you can prevent eye-straining.

  1. You can take short breaks in between translating sessions (15 mins)
  2. You can adjust your computer brightness and temperature by reducing so less light impacts your eyes.
  3. You can set your computer to “night mode”
  4. Think about investing in some blue light glasses which shields your vision from the computer.
    Hope this helps! :smiley:

Hi, @ahmetsercansoydan!

Well, first of all, let’s go to the basics. Are you getting enough sleep? Eating mostly natural food or just flat food?

Now that the basics are already been taken care of, let’s go to stress-free productivity:

  1. Use Dark Mode, it will strain less the eye. If you must work, choose a CAT Tool which has Dark Mode.
  2. Expand your resting time between the intervals of actual work. And do it without any screen light.
  3. Use eye drops that were recommended by your doctor.

Remember that you deserve some rest too. There was a time that I needed to be away from work because it was causing me headaches. So I took a week off and I could go back later without any problems.

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Have an awesome rest! :sleeping: