How many pages of a document am I required to translate?

I got an Email saying the document in question was 1600 words approximately, but in fact it is 30+ pages long. So it is unclear to me how much of it am I to translate, and which part specifically.

Hey @kodanser , Normally the projects are divided into smaller sizable chunks which are the tasks that are then worked on by different volunteers. So it may seem alot and maybe overwhelming, but the task you saw was 1600 which you would work on when claimed, as part of a 30+ page document. I hope this makes sense?

It does make more sense. But when I tried to download the document to check that, it downloaded the whole thing, which made me question the size of the task. So you’re saying It will automatically tell me what part I need to translate once I’ve claimed the task?

Yes @kodanser , once you claim the task, only the 1600 words will be available on Memsource for translation. Alternatively, you can see a preview of the task before you claim it, to do this, click on Claim task then on the next page, you will see the option of downloading the source file, as in the image