How do you remove a certificate that you uploaded?

The headline says it all. It seems once you upload a certificate or a training course recognition, there’s no way to remove it. The upload could be a mistake; does TWB have a solution or have they addressed to this already? Thank you.

Hello Sifat :sunflower:
We should be able to remove the certificates from your profile. If you let us know which one, we’ll remove it for you :blush:

Hi @_carolina, thanks for replying. Please remove ALL the certificates, I was just testing how it works. Besides, please pass this message to the devs that it’d be better if the users could delete their certificates themselves. And what’s the value of adding certificates if they are not related to translations but writing?

Thanks. Hope you are safe :orange_heart:

Hello Sifat :blush:
I have now removed all the certificates from your profile. Take care :star2:

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