Firefox support for Kató

Will TWB - Rosetta consider adding Firefox support for Kató? If so, within what time? I find switching browsers time-consuming.

I shall appreciate your reply.

With kind regards,

Adam Warren,
Proz IanDhu - Translator 41189

Hi @IanDhu, thank you for reaching out!

While Kató Platform works on multiple browsers, our online translation tool, Kató TM, uses the MateCat system. MateCat only works on Chrome, and unfortunately this is out of our control since it is not managed by TWB.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help with :slight_smile:

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Hullo Olivia,

Thank you for your very prompt reply. I propose to download the work files to my home system - pretranslated in Chrome / Matecat if possible - then dictated and vetted “at home”, reversing the step to deliver the target file. I should mention that I can’t dictate in Matecat because the segments jump about. Unless directed otherwise, I assume Dragon Naturally speaking to be incompatible with Matecat. I shall obviously inform the job manager of my intended working method, for each assignment, as instructed. Perhaps you could tell me whether I can use the online TM in Studio? Whenever’s convenient to you, of course.

With kind regards,

Adam Warren (IanDhu - translator 41189)

Hi @IanDhu, I have reached out to our tech team regarding using Kató TM in Studio; I will get back to you soon with their answer :slight_smile: As for downloading translation files and working offline, the vast majority of our tasks must be translated online, but you are more than welcome to check with PMs to see if certain projects can be translated offline instead.

Hi again @IanDhu, after checking with our tech team, it appears that it’s not currently possible to use Kató TM in Studio. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help with :slight_smile: