English-Arabic Translating companies and foundation names

should I translate companies and foundation names, etc…
or keep them in English, or do both?
thanks in advance

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Hi @sondos2, and welcome to the TWB community! :wave:

We are happy to have you here, sondos! :star2:

Since I am a fellow translator, my humble advice will include two parts:

:arrow_right: The first one is to use the terminology that is highlighted in yellow in the CAT column in Memsource, which often includes translation for the organizations’ names. Or you can find them in the Glossary document.

:arrow_right: The second one is to do your own search to get the translation for the organization name.

And if you couldn’t find an answer by yourself,
then you should ask the project manager, who will always give you assistance with the right answers after sharing your questions and concerns as a reply on the task topic, that you had already claimed.

PS: :innocent: you can find a link for each task you had claimed, to discuss this task on Kato community.

:white_check_mark: Finally, you should always check the project or the task description, because sometimes we should not translate an organization name, for example.

I really hope this is helpful! :blush:

Best regards. Lilav.

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