Deadline passed task claimed

I have claimed the task “3.10.1 Phase 2 UFAA Content for Translation __ Clear Global (1) (1).xlsx” from English into Nepali although the deadline is expired yesterday.
Now, I am translating it. I will submit it ASAP today.

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Hello @Niranjan_Acharya,

Thanks for claiming this task!

This happens sometimes. If you need more time, feel free to write under the thread that related to this task and make sure to tag the project manager to extend it for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy translating! :sunflower:

Kind regards,


I had claimed task 5.2 Global MEL Platform - 2.xlsx for ENglish into Marathi. However it seems that the deadline has expired.

Can I get extension till 14th March? As most of these project series was due on 14th, I was under the impression that this task as well was due then.

Hello related concerns,
I cannot find the green column " Revise Using Phrase TMS" in the following claimed task of revising. May I know how can this error be fixed?


Speaking under GREAT CONTROL of any TWB staff, is the “translation” step finished? It might also be because of that.

Hope I helped,

If so, I think I have to wait till the translation submission.