Can't submit my translated work

I have just finished translating chunk 0 of Gamatun project but having challenges in submitting it

Hi @Abubakar, thank you for reaching out! I see the task has been completed, and your last step now is just to submit it.

You can see how to do that in Step 3 of these instructions, or you can view our video tutorial here. (Note that the button you’ll need to click will say “Mark Chunk Complete,” not “Submit Completed Task” because it was a chunk of a larger project.)

Also, for future reference, we can usually help you faster if you post your question in the Kató Community topic related to your specific project :slight_smile: You can find it by going to your Claimed Tasks on Kató Platform, then clicking the link next to “Discuss this task on Kató Community.” For example, the Kató Community topic for this task can be found here.