Arabic-English Translators needed for an online magazine

I’m planning to buy a domain and host an online magazine through Bluehost, if you are interested in getting to know the magazines idea and joining the current volunteer team, email us at the following E-mail:

In your email please state the following:

  • if you’re volunteering as a writer, translator or a graphic designer
  • what language you’re comfortable writing in or translating to
  • how you want to be credited for your work

Volunteers can either volunteer some of their work or join the volunteer team

Volunteering details:

  • 12 volunteers will be needed, we will be constantly looking for volunteers (No deadline)
  • The magazine will have six categories, the categories being (Articles- Art and culture- Media- Social studies- Science and technology).
  • Workhours will be flexible, volunteers can work on their own time as long the deadlines for the translations/articles are met

Hi @Sultana_alzhrani and thank you for posting this nice opportunity!

Is it possible to add more details like the required number of volunteers, the general workload and working hours, the topics tackled… This will make it easier for our volunteers to decide whether they can participate :hugs: You can refer to the opportunities we posted like the one here or here to have an idea about the details you can include :orange_heart:

Please let me know if you need any assistance :sunflower:

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Thank you for your feedback!

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Thank you for your nice response :hugs: wish you all the best with your next endeavors :star2:

Hi @Sultana_alzhrani that’s an awesome project. Congratulations.

However, I just need to confirm if this is ONLY for Arabic and English translators.


Hey Olive!

yes, it is only for English and Arabic writers and translators

Have a nice day,


Are there still any available chance if I am interested in joining the translating and writing team?

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Hi @maim9172

I believe that the opportunity is still available since it’s posted only a few days ago :smiley: I encourage you to reach out vial the email address above to learn more about this opportunity :innocent:

Best of luck! :sunflower: