Anyone in/from Guinea?

Dear beautiful people,

Are any of you from/in Guinea or know someone there? We have this 16-year-old migrant boy staying with us for a while. He finally arrived in France after over a year on the roads, and he would like to let his mother hear that he has arrived somewhere. His family lives in an area where cell phones are useless, but he also doesn’t know if a letter can be delivered to his village.
So our question is: how good is the Guinean postal service in the forest out there? And if it is poor, what other means do we have to get a letter and a few photos over to Sény’s mother in Boké district?
Thanks for your thoughts!


Hi Suzanne, thank you for your kind heart! :hearts: I don’t know what things are like in Guinea, but I really hope someone will be able to help you and Sény out.

Hi Natalia, thank you :heart: There seems to be a bit of pre-electoral unrest in the cities at the moment, but our immediate problems are more technical: there are very few possibilities to phone home, and Sény is not sure that any mail will reach his mother. I thought I’d ask our Consulate in Conakry and the Guinean Consulate in Marseille for advice, but only after asking the beautiful people at TWB :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: