An Interview with TWB Translators: India’s COVID-19 crisis

An Interview with Kató Translators: India’s COVID-19 crisis

This month, our #LanguageMatters blog features an interview with 3 members of our community, @Ashutosh_Mitra and @poonam, Hindi Translators, and @Chinmay, Hindi language associate :star2:

At a critical stage of the COVID-19 crisis, over 32 million cases were identified in India. There, the world watched India battle an oxygen shortage in tandem with a surge of infections.

This is where our language community jumps into action. Chinmay, Ashutosh and Poonam are among the volunteers who donated their time and skills to support our mission in providing accurate, timely information about the pandemic as it evolves.

In the chaos of the pandemic, every one of our heroes found themselves in the core of the responsibility to inform and support people in their languages; countless new terms have been coined to describe how we’ve dealt with the virus.

:white_check_mark: Chinmay and his fellow translators, being aware of this matter, have joined the effort to translate unfamiliar terms and make resources accessible to their communities.

:white_check_mark: Poonam realizes how vital it is to have a translated version of important guidelines in communities’ native languages, and he wants to play a role in spreading awareness.

:white_check_mark: Ashutosh believes that we as humans should exhibit the highest sense of affinity and share what we have to help each other, keeping this as his target when volunteering with TWB.

“It has been interesting to follow how new words and terms are absorbed into a language.”

Chinmay Rastogi, TWB Hindi Language Associate

“Through TWB, I am trying to help bridge the gap for all native speakers of Hindi who are unable to read and understand foreign languages.”

Poonam, Hindi translator for TWB

“Let your claim lie on action alone”

Ashutosh, Hindi translator for TWB

Learn more about our translator’s experience, the actions they take in translating resources to inform and support people in their languages, and the part they play in actively slowing the spread of COVID-19 and saving lives. Read the full blog post here.