An Interview with a TWB Translator: Connecting the World Through Language

Translation is not the only skill that helps TWB translators connect people through language. A deep understanding of culture, people, and precision can also help nonprofit organizations communicate with people affected by crisis or poverty. @Liudmila_Tomanek, our featured translator of the month, uses and develops her communication skills and cultural understanding to help people understand vital information, no matter what language they speak. :earth_asia:

I am a translator to the marrow of my bones, and a perpetual learner โ€” every translation for me is a discovery.
-Liudmila Tomanek, translator for TWB

As a multilingual translator and interpreter working from English, French, Spanish, and Italian into Russian, Liudmila understandably has a range of experience and cultural knowledge. When she is not freelancing and running her translation company, she translates information for people in need here at TWB. To date, she has donated over 225,000 words translated from English into her native Russian. :star2:

The very fact that TWB exists and flourishes, she believes, demonstrates that quality skills can be incredibly valuable when it comes to helping a good cause. With her translated words, she reaches out to those who would otherwise lack the access to information they need in a language and format they understand.

Liudmila lists her projects with Operation Smile International among her favorites. โ€œThey really do amazing things. They go around the world and give children born with a cleft lip or palate a chance to smile and live a full life. I cry every time I translate their newsletter,โ€ she says.


It helps me to see the world through a different set of spectacles. It removes a curtain from some aspects of life that people prefer not to think or talk about.
-Liudmila Tomanek

Read the full post featuring Liudmila over on the TWB blog! :books:


@Liudmila_Tomanekโ€™s quotes gave me goosebumps :heart: thank you Liudmila, for making our work possible through your talent and big heart.


Congrats @Liudmila_Tomanek.
Your work and passion are an inspiration for me. :slight_smile:


Congratulation @Liudmila_Tomanek, Donation of 225,000 words is pretty marvelous.


Dearest Ambra, you are so kind! Without hard work of all the members of the TWB community no contributions would be possible. It is the team work and joint effort that make things happen! thank you! All best wishes, Liudmila


Thank you so much, Kakau, we all derive inspiration from each other! So many wonderful people here and all doing such an important work! I feel privileged to be part of the community!


Thank you, Ahmad! I am touched. Will try to keep going! It is the importance of the content that matters and those on the receiving end! All my very best, Liudmila


Great job and congrats @Liudmila_Tomanek :blush:
Although itโ€™s kind of late, but I have to say this:
Itโ€™s wonderful how translation can help those in need of information! and how this need is one of the most vital needs (in my opinion) when it comes to disaster areas or war zones.
Itโ€™s also wonderful that you have your own business and you still feel the responsibility to give something back to the community. Respect :clap:


Hi Rouaa,
Thank you for your kind comment. Here at TWB community all do our little bit within the limits of time. I am excited to be part of the team of volunteers.