An Interview with a TWB Translator: Andreia, a translator shaping a more equal future

Summary: I take payment for summarizing information (and community novels). Over and out. :running_man:


Dear @sifatnoor
I hope you are having a great Saturday.
As much as I love the imagery of Superman rays coming from your eyes burning politeness down to ashes, I also have a very dry sense of humour and wonder what would happen if the whole community adopted an Andreia-esque level of politeness when talking to you for a few weeks. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :joy:

I hope you are well. :blush:
(Seriously I do, we haven’t spoken in ages)

@andfraz Vai trabalhar, malandra! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :kissing_heart:


Simple, I’d be in a coma as long as you follow Andreia’s lead. If I die, I’d blame you ALL, Andreia will be the chief criminal. And my ghost will haunt each of you with an interminable supply of “impolite gas” and laughing gas.


Hi Sifat, it is so nice to finally meet you! Of course, I read a lot about you in this community as well, and I have to say, it is admiring that you, Andrea and others who do make a valuable difference here, are such approachable, nice and simple people who welcome others so easily in their circle! Thank you for that!

And look at you, writing such a “novel” yourself, just to explain that it’s boring to read them :sweat_smile:
And hey, I love reading novels (many of us, language enthusiasts do :blush:), and if the girl is developing her writing skills and manages at the same time to help others, then let her be! :100: One day she writes this famous work that will receive critique’s appreciation and everyone will praise, and in Acknowledgements she will have to state: “This book could have never seen the light of the day if I paid too much attention to Sifat’s teasings.” :smile:
Anyway, your affection is obvious, no need to explain yourself.

P.S.: I hope that’s okay we’re using this thread for all this discussion! I am sure Andrea won’t mind :100: :hugs:. I agree with her, we talked about it recently, it would be good to have something like a forum, where all of us could discuss anything and everything. Or is here one that I am unaware of?..
Have a pleasant weekend everyone! :sun_with_face:


You got me there with my “novel” thing lol. It was such a sweet pinch.

I’ve been asking Andreia to bring some of the like-minded together on Whatsapp. It’s a lot easier to stay connected there. I am certain @andfraz will take an initiative. The forum is good, but if someone needs urgent help, or for a quick discussion, I think IM platforms are better.


Great idea, Sifat! Absolutey!
I agree it would be much easier to keep in touch, @andfraz, let’s do it, count me in! :raising_hand_woman: :hugs:


I mean… when you finish this big project @andfraz , of course :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Please, don’t even consider doing it before meeting all the deadlines!
I also work on a big project these days, so I totally understand you!


Buenas noches, children! :first_quarter_moon_with_face: I see you’ve been having a party, haha! :grin:

Dear @sifatnoor, I see you’ve been writing a catalogue of the things that displease you in me. Duly noted, mister. I hope you are having a good day, though. :joy:

As to politeness, I think being polite is actually a good thing. And it’s an excellent way to get started when you meet someone new. It establishes a key foundation on which you can build a good friendship: consideration for others. Besides, as you know, although I am polite, I’m never aloof. :upside_down_face:

Roger that! :smiley:

@Avellana Ahahah! Ouvi dizer que querias um café; já não queres? :grin:

I’m with you on this one, Hazel - we should definitely adopt an Andreia-esque level of politeness while addressing Mr. Noor, bidding him a good day at all times. It’s just too funny. :joy:

My dear Sifat, may I ask how many hours of TV have you been watching lately? Your Superman tale :man_superhero: ends in quite a contemporary Gothic story fashion, :ghost: along with a dreadful amount of gas. :dash: :grimacing: Can you please state all the possible side effects of the aforementioned gases? :thinking: Will they perhaps turn us into impolite vampires, equipped with an excellent sense of humor, but also doomed to attend high school until the end of times? :joy:

Dear @Cristina17, I don’t mind at all. :wink: And your remark about how Sifat writes novels to explain to us how they bore him was spot on. :sunglasses: :+1: But we’re good friends, like Sifat said. :slightly_smiling_face: We just use a (very) different amount of words on a daily basis, along with a few other differences.

Meet Sifat, the one who makes plans, and also Andreia, the one who makes plans happen. :joy: Why don’t you just hire me as your assistant?

As to creating a group on Whatsapp, I can half-take care of it. :raising_hand_woman: Here’s the thing: for some reason, my tablet does not allow me to add new contacts to WhatsApp. People must add me instead. But I can collect numbers, names and language pairs, make and keep the list updated to help us reach the right person at the right time. :wink: As to actually creating the WhatsApp group and adding contacts, it must be another person.

Have a great evening, everyone (Sifat included :joy:). :star2:


Hi everyone :blush: I would just like to congratulate you Andreia, @andfraz! I am sorry that my message is very late, I was just joining TWB in March and so I think I missed this, but I’m getting more used to the platform now! It would be lovely to perhaps have the opportunity to speak to you and to all the other guys sometime :blush: Congratulations again Andreia for your wonderful achievement :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: