An Interview with a TWB Translator: Aghilas, Sharing accurate information with the Arabic-speaking world

I believe that translation not only has the power of bridging communication gaps between cultures, but it can forge a better world

@Aghilas1, translator and reviewer for TWB :star2:

This month our #LanguageMatters blog features an interview with @Aghilas1, who has been incredibly supporting TWB translating from English into Arabic.

From his home city of Bizerte, Tunisia, Aghilas joined TWB as he wanted to offer his professional services to international humanitarian organizations to support people in need. It all came from a desire to support communities that have been marginalized, in countries affected by war, and people facing gender-based violence. TWB was the opportunity he was looking for and since he joined in 2019, he’s being daily devoting his time for the mission.

It is truly a life experience. I am proud that I dedicated my skills for a good, noble cause, and made a difference in the worldwide community.

During the pandemic, Aghilas saw it as his responsibility to devote time to revising as many COVID-19-related documents as he could. He was determined to further the dissemination of accurate, credible information to the Arabic-speaking world and support people through the pandemic. So thanks a million Aghilas and all our community of TWB translators for your incredible support :heart_decoration:

To find out more about Aghilas and his experience, read the full blog post here :sunny:


Congratulations, Aghilas!
Thanks for your amazing contribution to help people in need. You are some how a world changer! :sunny: :tada:

All the best!


Hello Aghilas, I saw your story on LinkedIn and read the article. The things I first noticed were your tee and and the arrangement of your room. The ambience is PERFECT for night-time study, and writing.