About the Opportunities for Translators/Interpreters category

Here you will find job opportunities or activities for translators or interpreters. Some of them will be volunteer opportunities, some others will be paid opportunities.

Translation associations and organizations, universities or students, as well as partners and NGOs, often reach out to us asking to share job offers, surveys, and other kinds of communication :speaking_head: We are very like to work with a large community of professional translators, and we are happy if we can help them find other pro-bono or paid opportunities to enrich their CV.

:exclamation: We only share opportunities that are in line with our mission and goals, because we consider that if we share something, it follows that we approve of the organization sharing that content or the content itself.

:email: If you would like to share a job opportunity or activity in this section, please email us at translators@translatorswithoutborders.org specifying:

  • The nature of the activity (pro-bono, or paid?)
  • When the project will run
  • Who is the organization/individual managing the project and why
  • Describe in details the content and the purpose of the project

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