Zero Tasks Available For Any Language Pairs?

Hi! I joined TWB more than a year ago and honestly assumed there was a problem or glitch with the website when I couldn’t find any tasks available of any kind in any language.

Why can’t I find anything? Toggling language pairs doesn’t seem to do anything for me. I check periodically, and there has never been a single task.

French/English, btw.

I also have the same experience. I’ve been on here for years and have only been able to work on projects a couple of times; mostly it says there is nothing. Maybe there needs to be more “marketing” of the service to potential beneficiaries?

Hi, @sarah.a.1905 and @Holly!

Our colleague had a similar question, I think you should visit this topic .

If you want more opportunities, you can try to be a verified translator .

Happy translating! :writing_hand:

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Hi @sarah.a.1905 and @Holly and thank you for reaching out :sunflower:

I am sorry you haven’t had access to tasks recently. I confirm that everything is working fine for you; your profiles are set correctly and you have listed your language pairs you can work on. This should help to find the tasks in these language pairs when they are available :heavy_check_mark:

The homepage only shows the tasks the correspond with your language pairs, whether the filters are used or not. In general, the tasks available may not stay there for a long time, this is to say, the homepage shows tasks available at the time you are looking, and new tasks can be posted in any minute, so keep an eye out :innocent:

Also, I changed your preferences to receive email notifications when tasks are available. Hope you have the chance to find tasks soon :orange_heart:

Let us know if you need any assistance :dizzy: