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Hi everyone,
I wish to make sure that the task that I claimed the day before yesterday and which title is " 13 LFS Strategy Mali 2022-2025 VF and last version.docx" has well been assigned to me. Because I want to work on it but I can’t see it or it has been assigned to someone else because I may have made mistakes in the process of claiming the task. I am new. Thanks.

Hello @KONAN, welcome to our amazing TWB community! :cherry_blossom:

Unfortunately, I don’t know why you aren’t able to find the task you claimed, I’m guessing that maybe it got cancelled?
Since I could not find the task in the “Projects” :orange_square: category, I don’t know who is the Project manager in charge of the task, so you could question them.
Thus, I would like to mention the lovely @ambra and @Aya.Alrifai. :grinning: Probably, they will know the answer to your question.

All the best,


Hello Catarina,
Thank you for your reply.

All the best,

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Hi @KONAN and welcome to our community! and thank you Catarina for bringing the post to our attention :hugs:

I checked your profile and it seems that the task is not there :neutral_face: actually it’s in the profile of another volunteer who seems to have claimed the task a few seconds before you did. Sorry about that :confused: and hopefully we collaborate with you in other tasks in the near future :pray:


Hi Aya,
Thank you for the reply. Now, I understand why I could not see the task. Thanks again.