Work added to proz

till now i have completed 3 small translation projects .i have also received the mail for the same.
i just want to know how it will be visible in my profile.what is the procedure for that.
Also in my profile where can i see my completed tasks.

Thanks in advance

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Hello Neha, thank you for delivering your first 3 projects with TWB, and for accepting the fourth one. We’re grateful for your support.
At the moment the badge functionality on is available only for projects completed on the TWB Workspace (where I see you have a profile too). We are working to make sure that also the projects completed on Kató Platform are added to your badge.

Hi. I’d also like to add the Kato Platform work added to my profile if possible. Otherwise, how can I access the TWB Workspace? I want to add experience to my curriculum, especially in the Medical field, so I find TWB a great way to do it, and help the humanitarian efforts.

Hi Juan, thank you for your message! We have just approved your pending tests. You are now a Kato Verified translator with access to the TWB Workspace. You will be invited to all tasks posted by all our partners, and this will increase your chances to work on medical texts.

Hi Ambra, I would like to add the projects completed on Kató Platform to my badge.
I sent an e-mail about that.
Waiting for your response. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Salwa, thank you for your message. I see from your Claimed Task section that you have completed only another project, Learn Italian Online. I will check with our technical staff why this word count is not appearing on your badge (we added a badge functionality today, you will see it if you click on “profile” in the upper bar in Kato Platform).

The other translation project you sent a screenshot for, Housing Justice for all, had been already claimed by another translator (as you can see from the same screenshot).

For now, the work you do in Kato Platform and the TWB Workspace is kept separate (please learn more about this here) so you can keep on registering on the TWB Workspace, no need to wait until you have your projects updated. The two platforms are kept separate.

On what concerns our recognition program we take into consideration the words delivered both on Kató Platform and Workspace, to make sure we give translators credit for all the words they translated.

I hope this answers your questions :heart: