Word Count (New Volunteer)

Hi, my name is Hanae Alwan, and I recently joined this platform.
I finished translating my first task almost 24 hours ago. However the word count on my profile still hasn’t changed. I wonder if this is ok or did I not submit the task successfully?
Kindly let me know what you think about this and if there is anything that needs to be done about it.
Thank you.


Hi Hanae, don’t worry, sometimes it can take up to two days for the word count to change. Happened to me often.


Thank you for the prompt response. Good luck.

Hi @hanalwan and welcome to our community! :hugs:

The word count never updates on Saturday, so don’t worry - you really did nothing wrong.
My guess is you will have it updated by tomorrow 9 AM your local time, or by Monday same time at the latest.

I hope this helps,