Why there is no arabic tasks shown anymore in my homepage?

I’m sorry for the inconvenience but since I unclaimed a task, no Arabic tasks are shown in my home page and I wrote a post asking about that but I got no answer. I just need to understand the problem. Is this because the unclaimed task or is this because there is no Arabic tasks these days.

I will appreciate your help.
Best regards,

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no, unclaiming a task doesn’t cause a problem, it is just there is no english - arabic / arabic - english tasks available these days.


Hey @Fleurelle , as Aisha rightly said, unclaiming a task does not cause a problem. You will only see available tasks at the time you are looking. I see we have some unclaimed tasks currently, you can check them out if you are interested :grinning: You can check out this one: TWB Platform


Hello @Fleurelle,

Uncalming tasks don’t cause any issue as our kind @Aisha_Zaki and @MegNyakwaka mentioned! Just check your homepage regularly to see the available tasks. :dizzy: :slight_smile:

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Okay. Thank you so much dear Aisha for your reply🌷 I was worried because I am new here and suddenly I didn’t find any available tasks after unclaiming a task. But today tasks started to appear on my homepage. Thank u a lot🌷

Yes Meg. You are right I just found that tasks started to appear on my homepage😊 thank you a lot for your reply🌷

You are right Dalia.I should check more often. I really appreciate all your replies and help.:tulip: I was a little bit worry but now I am relieved thanks to your answers and now I can see some tasks on my homepage.:blush:

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Good afternoon,
Few days ago I claimed a task and I started working on it but due to some personal issues I found that I will not be able to deliver it on time so I unclaimed it. Since then, no tasks (into Arabic) are shown on my Home page. So I just need to know, is unclaiming a task is the reason for this and will limit my access for tasks???
@Aya.Alrifai could you help me with this dear Aya ? and I am sorry for the inconvenience

Thank you

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Hi Rania, I see that you already got the answers you need :wink: do let us know if you need any further assistance :blush:

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Yes dear Aya :blush:Thank you so much :tulip: :blush:

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I have a question regarding the claimed tasks. I supposed to translate from En - Arb., but I couldn’t write in Arabic letters! even if the PC’s language is Arabic.
Did anybody else face the same problem or I should change the sittings?

Hi @alaa11, I’m sorry about the issue, I checked the task and it worked fine from my end, is it possible for you to access the task from another browser/device to check if it works for you? Do let me know if you still face the same issue so we check again :blush: