What's your story?


Next week is National Volunteer week and we want to know, what inspires you to volunteer?

Please download and fill out this #ivolunteer signboard, take a photo holding the sign, and share with us! If you are camera shy, you can photograph the sign with a pet, your workstation or a nice background. Share here, on Twitter or Instagram using #ivolunteer, #NVW & #LanguageMatters (alternatively, email to communications@translatorswithoutborders.org with a note to let us know you’re happy for us to share your photo).

Sample messages:

#ivolunteer because language matters
#ivolunteer because translation matters
#ivolunteer because I can make a difference

Download signboard: https://s3.amazonaws.com/pol-website/media/uploaded-files/ivolunteer_signboard_PointsofLight.pdf

Thank you! Looking forward to seeing all your photos & inspo stories. :star:


We’re so excited to share the first stories and pictures we’ve received for the National Volunteer week! Thank you for participating :blush:

This is Muhannad, Arabic language translator and test reviewer :clap: The time & skills dedicated by TWB volunteer heroes is invaluable.

And this is our brilliant, wonderful and inspiring TWB volunteer translator and test reviewer, Bamo, who helps break language barriers with his work! :muscle:



Great pictures, keep up the good job! :smiley: