What means "world count = 1" in tasks available?



What means “world count = 1” on the tasks available, whatever the amount of the words on the source file?


Hello Claudia. This sounds like a glitch that needs to be fixed. Which is the task you are talking about?


Hi @ambra. It was only one thing that I have observed when I look for tasks on the site. Just a curiosity. Thanks for your answer.


Well, thank you for asking because I did a little research on this (basically, I asked our super informed @LouiseF) and it seems that there are several reasons for a task showing only 1 word: it could be that there was an issue with the source file (for example, it had still comments or revisions), or that the file is a pdf (our CAT tool doesn’t support this format), or that the platform had some tech problems. It also means that the work/task will be only available offline, and not in our CAT tool as usual.

Whenever you encounter similar issues for a task you claimed or want to claim, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!


Once more, thanks @ambra for an answer very useful.


Hi, I have the same experience. Completed translation from scanned document with “word count = 1”. Assumed this was an error. But now I see “1 word donated” in my profile. I am working on another translation, also from scanned document, also with “word count = 1”. Will the same thing happen?


Hi @ambra. I’ve seen the same thing with revising tasks. Although I’m not fixated on the word counts, it seems any revising task should be worth more than a single word, particularly given that in at least one instance, I basically had to re-translate the entire document! Any insight?



Hello Kris, thanks a lot for bringing this to my attention. Partners shouldn’t request translations of scanned documents and also, as a non-profit organization with a clear humanitarian purpose, we do not translate personal documents or any documents that do not fit our eligibility criteria. We have already informed the partner.
However, since you completed the translations, I would be happy to credit you for the words you translated and manually change the word count. Can you please let me know approximately how many words were each document?


Hello Jeremy, thank you for letting me know. We will update the word count for you to make sure it increases, as it should have. Please let me know if the word count is not updated by the end of this week.
Regarding your question about what a revision is worth, we expect translators to deliver the highest possible quality of translation and therefore, the revision should be a much less time consuming tasks. If you find that a translation is so poor that needs to be re-translated from scratch, please email us or post a message in the forum, because it is not something that should happen at all.


Hi @ambra, thank you for point this to me and apology for breaking eligibility criteria. Approximate number of words in document 1 was 600 and in document 2 180.

Very best,


Thanks for the clarification, Ambra. I appreciate your help.



Hello Kris, no worries, you couldn’t know :slight_smile: we updated the word count for you.


Fantastic, very much appreciated.