What happened to the Words of Relief Digital Exchange (WoRDE)?

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I’m a master’s student of translation studies, currently writing my master’s thesis, the topic of which is identifying the translation policies of humanitarian organisations. Translation policies are like translation aims to do with the practical approaches as well as ethical motivations of translation and are different for every organisation. One of the organisations I am focusing on is TWB, in particular the Words of Relief project. https://translatorswithoutborders.org/our-work/crisis-response/

One component of the original WoR project was the Words of Relief Digital Exchange (WoRDE), which appears to have been shut down after four years? https://repository.translatorswithoutborders.org/ I was wondering if anyone knows why this was? Although this component of WoR does not form a huge part of my focus, one of the other components, the creation and training of Rapid Response Teams (RRTs), does. For clarification, RRTs consisted of teams of translators sourced from the diaspora for under-represented languages who were trained to immediately monitor local and social media at the onset of a crisis and translate important information there to send on to humanitarian organisations (a bit like the Mission 4636 initiative for the Haiti earthquake). What I am really trying to find out is where translators working within an RRT send their translated content? The reports and TWB webpages I have before me seemed to suggest that the intention was to use the WoRDE platform for this purpose, which did seem to be active for a while. If RRT translators did not send their translated content via WoRDE, perhaps their translated information was sent to organisations and actors individually? Where do RRTs send their translated content now?

These are quite specific questions so understand that I may not get an answer to all or any of it, but any input would be much appreciated. Hopefully I have not posted in the wrong place either :grimacing: Perhaps someone here had something to do with a WoR project or was even a member of Rapid Response Team and could provide some illumination?

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Hello @rosie.boys.uk :blush:
Wow, this sounds like a really insightful thesis. I’ve followed up internally to know who the most suitable person to answer your questions is. We’ll get back to you very soon :star2:

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Wow, thanks Carolina! I really appreciate the effort :slight_smile:

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