What do the "untranslatable segments" include?


I´m doing a revision (Translation ENG > FR) and I have a question for which I can´t find the answer in the FAQs. I read that for the untranslatable segments, we have to put the > symbol and just copy the source language. Is it true for titles of documents?

For example, I´m doing a revision (Translation ENG > FR) and I see this:

Suivez le document MSF Care of COVID-19 Patients outside of Healthcare Structures Document / Community Approach Guidance to Novel 2019-nCoV document (utilisez le document correspondant à votre section MSF) .

Do I have to add “>” in front of “MSF Care of COVID-19 Patients outside of Healthcare Structures Document / Community Approach Guidance to Novel 2019-nCoV document”?

Good evening, Emilie :slight_smile:

Regarding your question, it’s more simple than that. In those cases, you just have to click the > symbol:

And when you click it, it will instantly copy the source text into the target text, like so:

I hope this helps!

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HI Andreia,

Thank you very much for your prompt answer.

I´m afraid my question was about revising, not translating, so I still need your help. :slight_smile: It´s not about a whole segment, but just part of it. Only the title of a document in English isn´t translated (and it shouldn´t) but I don´t know if the way it was done is correct., hence my previous question.
It actually brings up another question: do I have a way to see what my translation will look like? How can I know if the title I´m talking about here will be highlighted in some kind of way (in italics for instance)?
Thank you very much!!!

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Good morning, Emilie :slight_smile:

Even in this case (i. e., a revising task), you don’t have to put the > symbol.

Maybe this helps: the > symbol is mentioned in the Handling tags and untranslatable segments of Kató TM thread, in the following sentence “Use the > symbol between the source and target segments to copy the source segment to the target side.”. But the word “use” is used as a synonym for “click”.

Being a revision, you just may have to check if the title of the document is supposed to be in English (rather than in French), by checking the Organization website and its documents, for instance.

Regarding your other question, the answer is yes. :slight_smile: You can download the file to have a look at it, by clicking in Download translation - it will then open a little panel, where you should click the first option, “Download translation”:

Downloading the translation is very useful, because it will help you to make sure that the file looks as it should. You may want to download both the translation and its original (second option of the panel).

Also, in cases when you are translating and your translation isn’t yet finished, you may download it by clicking in “Preview”. It will open a similar panel, but instead of saying “Download translation” in the first option, it will say “Preview”. By clicking in it, you will be able to download your work in progress:

Usually, the title will be highlighted in some way (italics, bold, underlining, link) if there are tags in the segment. Having a look at both the source and the target files will help you make sure that the design looks good.

I hope this helps.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with, Emilie :slight_smile:

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Hi @Emilie4 and @andfraz! As always, thank you Andreia for your amazing support :heart: Emilie I hope this was helpful for you :slight_smile: and remember if you have a task-specific question, you can always post a message in the discussion thread for the project - here is a video tutorial on how to find the right thread :sunny:


Hi ANdreia,

Thank you so much for your amazing support! It is a lot clearer!

Since it´s so nicely suggested, let me ask you something else. In my case, I had downloaded the original text and I looked at the design. So what happens when, like in my case,

  1. in the original text, there is a list with bullet points that do not appear in the translated version? If the new desgin is consistent, I assumed it was intentional. 2. about the title of the document I mentioned, the title was NOT highlighted in any way (no italics, no quotation marks) so since it was already “strange” in the original text, I assumed that was why the translator hadn´t changed it in the translated text either. I still sent this message in this thread and not as a specific question because I believe it might happen in any given text…I hope it´s ok.
    I´m looking forward to getting your feedback on this.
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Hi Emilie :slight_smile:

I’m glad I could help you a bit :smiley:

Regarding your questions:

1 - Have you checked if the tags were correctly added to the target text? (I mean, do they look the same both in the source text and in the target text? The only difference between them should be the translation itself).

2 - As a general rule, if the titles are not highlighted in any way in the source text, I believe they shouldn’t be highlighted in any way in the target text either - for the sake of consistency.

However, if you believe the title should actually be highlighted, you should check with the Project Officer of your specific project (you can do this by asking him/her directly, if you know who he/she is, or by leaving a message in the thread associated with your project).

You may also check with him/her if the title should be translated or not, just to make sure. I usually resort to the Organization’s website and documents to check how they usually translate titles and terms, but when we find ourselves at a loss as to what to do, the best option is to ask the Project Officer.

Having said that, Organizations usually inform us when we are not expected to translate something. At first glance, when I look at the segment you shared above, I would say it has to be translated, so French readers are able to understand which document the text is referring to. In this case, I would try to find out if was already translated into French. If it were the case, that’s the translation I would use in my translation/revision. If not, I would translate it myself.

I hope this helps!

Please feel free to drop me a line in case you need my help, Emilie :slight_smile:

Have a great day! :rainbow:

All the best,


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@andfraz, you are a real star and you beat me to answer this again. Thank you so very much.

@Emilie4, I agree with Andreia that for point 1., it could be a problem with tags. For 2., I think that makes sense, if the title wasn’t highlighted in the original text, it’s ok not to be highlighted in the target text.

In all cases, I would encourage you to post your question in the project thread, as this seems something rather specific to the project itself, and also in this way you can inform the Project Officer (Joanna, Carolina and I work in Community and Recruitment and we are not very helpful with project-specific questions, even if we try to help as much as we can!).

Thank you both, again. A pleasure to read this thread.

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Thank you for your kindness, Ambra :grinning: I’m happy to lend a helping hand whenever I can be of assistance. I love this community, and the work we carry out through TWB :heart:

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