What are chunks?

:scissors: When a translation is very long, our Project Managers divide the translation into smaller sections, or “chunks”

:link: The Kató TM link to the task you claimed will take you to the chunk you claimed. You will be able to view the whole translation, but the system will only allow you to work on the chunk you claimed.

If you claimed two chunks of the same project you must access each chunk via its respective Kató TM link.

:heavy_check_mark: When the translation is divided into chunks, we run a Quality Assurance (QA) check at the end to ensure the text is consistent.


Hello, I am in the process of translating and sometimes the system does not let me push the button “translate” in order to move to the next paragraph. Would you know why? Thank you


Dear @fcutelle, :wave:

This issue probably occurred a kind of forgotten tagging. You might been forgot attaching tag (such as HTML) when you translated source text into target text. Anyways, I am also including @JoannaW on this message just keep her in the loop.

Happy New Year :innocent:


Hi @fcutelle thanks for your message! And thanks @serhanb for your support :raised_hands:

Are you still facing the same issue? Here are a couple of links about Kató TM that I think you might find useful:
Kató TM - TWB’s Translation Interface - Summary of topics
Kató TM: Do’s and Don’ts
Handling tags and untranslatable segments on Kató TM

I hope this can be helpful, let us know if you are still facing the same issue! Thank you for your support, Frederica :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hello, I am Elissa, I wondered if i could ask a question about my profile settings, as i have stated that i can translate from Spanish into English, but i would also like to offer translations from English into Spanish and iam not sure whether it is possible for me to add this language pair to my profile, i can’t see at the moment that i can, iam sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this question! I am very happy to be here and to have the opportunity to translate with you, looking forward to starting work on my first translations, thank you for your help!


Hi @elissa.cosby,
you can add up to six combinations in your profile.
I hope this helps.


Thank you Lucia, i would like to offer translations also from English into Spanish, but iam unsure how i can do, i will look again! Thank you for your help!


Hi @elissa.cosby, thanks for reaching out :slight_smile:

You can add a language combination by going to your profile and clicking “Edit profile details” in the upper right corner. From there, you’ll be able to see and add a language pair :nerd_face:

Thanks for your support, Elissa! Let us know if you have any other question :hibiscus:


Hello, when translating-revising a chunk for a proyect, how do we know if the words used are consistent with the same words in others chunks? Do we have translations memories?


Thank you very much Silvia! Yes i have seen now how to add another language combination to my profile, that is great! I just wondered if iam able to accept projects at the moment before i have completed the translation to become a verified translator… or whether to wait until iam a verified translator…i only ask as sometimes it says i don’t have access to this project when i click on a project to translate, thank you very much for your help Silvia, i greatly appreciate it :grinning:


Good afternoon, @jorgerm1981 :sun_with_face:

A quick, simple way, we can make sure the same translation is being used for a term is by pressing CTRL + F. This menu will then appear:

By introducing the term in the first (source) box, you can find each segment where the term is written, and jump from segment to segment to check if the translation is consistent. :face_with_monocle:

If you notice that the translation is different from segment to segment, you can instruct Kató TM to magically turn into a consistent translation. :grin: :woman_mage: :mage:

All you need to do is write the inconsistent/incorrect translation in the target box, select ‘Replace with’, write the correct translation in the box bellow, and then choose to replace it either one by one or all the same time, if you are sure 100% they should be change. :white_check_mark:

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Have a great day! :hibiscus: :leaves:


Hi @elissa.cosby :wave: Yes some tasks are only available to verified translators, but if you see tasks on your homepage or in your email notifications you are welcome to claim them! Becoming verified simply gives you access to more tasks in that language pair :blush:


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: Very well explained!

Have a great day! :sparkles:


Hi Joanna, :blush: thank you very much for your help! That’s great, iam completing a translation to become a verified translator at the moment, i hope to be able to start working on some translation projects soon! Thank you again for your help :blush: :blush:


Brilliant! When you’ve completed and submitted your test one of our reviewers will check it. As soon as we have your results we’ll contact you :wink:


Ok, that’s great! thank you very much Joanna :blush:


Next time I will work on a translation that has been divided into chunks, I will definitely try this! :face_with_monocle:

Thank you so much @andfraz