Watch and Share RWS Moravia video to support TWB!

Hello beautiful people of the TWB community! We hope you are all doing fine :love_letter:

As you know, TWB holiday campaign “Language for a just world” is still running. If you wish to contribute, here is a very simple and fun way to do it thanks to RWS Moravia :pray:

For every view of this 43second video, our friends at RWS Moravia will donate $1 to TWB!

Isn’t that amazing? :star_struck:

You just need to watch it, like it, share it, and you will help raise fund for our holiday appeal.

You could also share the video/blog link by email here: :envelope_with_arrow:

Thank you again for the amazing support you provided throughout this very challenging year. We are extremely grateful for the time and skills you donate and for the passion you put into it. Thank you :heart_decoration:


Hi Silvia, I have watched it and shared it on Facebook with all my friends. Hopefully they will do their bit.
Although you mention we should give a like to the video, there is no like possibility on the page that you have shared. I guess they just count the times the video has been viewed.
Let’s hope we get loads of views.
All the best, Valerie


Hi (@ValerieT) Valerie, that’s wonderful, thank you so much! :heart_eyes:
Oh you are right, I think you can like it by leaving a heart under the video on Twitter if you have an account :slight_smile: They will definitely keep track of the video’s views though, so that’s perfect!

Thank you for sharing! :muscle: :heart_decoration:

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