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hello i have just joined the TWB Kato community and I’m not a verified translator since i don’t have any certificate from the associations mentioned. i wanted to take the test but i failed to find it so i decided to try and claim tasks to get reviewed but each time i click on a task it says “warning, you’re not authorized to view this page!”
what should i do?


Hey @mariem.ichentane:wave:,

I hope all goes well with you :innocent:. I regret to inform you that you are not capable of translating or reviewing any task before you have to accomplish the TWB translation test :writing_hand:. Incidentally, if you could not find any information about take a test, please kindly look for that How to become a Kató Verified Translator? :face_with_monocle:

I hope I could help you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Best Regards,


Hope you’re doing well and safe ,
Would like to know the languages you are translating in or your languages pairs
I think the problem might be your profile
Try to change it, because I had the same problem before , and finally I find that the problem was the profile.


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hello thank you for replying. i have spent the whole day reading what needs to be done but as it said there is only two ways to become a verified translator and i quote " there is only two ways to become a verified translator. either by getting reviews from the work you do or by being apart of the list of organizations and associations TWB recognize"

Hey there, thank you for taking your time to comment on my topic.
these are the pairs i have in my profile

French - FRANCE To Arabic - SAUDI ARABIA


did you contact them about it directly?
however maybe there is a video you didn’t complete therefore it counted it as uncompleted and didn’t allow you to take the test?
but aside. is the humanitarian course test is the test we need to go through to become verified translators?

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Thank you for reaching out and sharing your language pair(s)
The issue is that you didn’t include English to French in your language pair(s) that why you can’t access this task
What you need to do is to replace French >>English by English >>French or only you add English to French in your language pair (s)
In additional as the maximum number of languages pair(s)is six you can add your language pair (s) Arabic to English and Arabic to French .
I think this will help.

Hello @mariem.ichentane and welcome to TWB! :cherry_blossom:

And a big thank you for @serhanb and @musevenifreddy001 who kindly shared the info they know since they became more familiarized with the translation environment :dizzy:

I am sorry you haven’t had access to these tasks :confused: I believe that you saw the same warning because you tried to claim the tasks that belong to a project available to verified translators

There are, however, always several choices of tasks to claim for sure! I also changed your notification preferences so you receive daily emails for the tasks available :email: This will make it easier to find tasks available for non-verified translators and claim them :blush:

Remember that upon receiving multiple positive feedback, we will consider verifying you :white_check_mark:

Please let us know if you have any questions :white_flower:

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Hi Mariem,
thank you for answering.
I did everything. I am going to redo it and will contact them if it happens again.
A bit frustrating.
have a great day. P.