Warning! You are not authorized to view this page

Hi everyone, why does this sentence appear when I try to open a task?: " Warning! You are not authorized to view this page"

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Hi @ala.haroun, :cherry_blossom:

Welcome to the community! :smiley:

Volunteers can have access only to translation and revising tasks for their language pairs (which are listed in their profile). So if you try to preview tasks for other language pairs will receive this warning :warning:.

However, you might sometimes receive this message as well while opening links to projects with your language pairs if the project requires only verified translators. Have a look at this topic if you would like to know more about How to become a Kató Verified Translator?

Hope this makes sense! But please don’t hesitate to ask if you still have any further questions! :dizzy:


Thank you very much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I see you’ve taken the test @ala.haroun, thank you! As soon as we have your results we’ll let you know :blush:

Thank you both for this discussion :sunflower:


Thank you @JoannaW, I am looking forward to the results!