Using the Kató TM translation interface


I am sorry but I can’t find the area where I have to copy the Chrome address

Can you help me


Hi Isabelle, are you talking about the project CPMS Final FINAL sent to printers 050919? If so, could you please clarify which difficulty are you facing? I would recommend using the link above, so we can assist you quicker.

Hello Ambra

It is my first translation and I am quite lost.
When I click on the link I recieved Matecat inform me that I need Chrome
Chrome is now downloaded, but I still have the same message.
In the Q&A I looked to a video explainig how to work with Kato
This video shwows how to open Chrome in copying the address in an area in the left corner of the screen.
But I have no such area.
So I can’t open the translation tool and I can’t begin the translation.
Sorry ot being unable to solve this technical problem by myself

Hi Isabelle, I see that you posted in the project thread, thank you! I wanted to check if you received support, or if you still need assistance.


I claimed my first task on Kató Platform, I opened the project to begin translating, however, each time I click on the segment and begin translating one by one, there are no suggestions from MT translations, nor even I have the function of searching in the TM for a certain term. It shows as it’s in the attached screenshot: “TM Search is not available when the TM feature is disabled”. So, could you please help me with that to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello and thanks for your question. I see you are working on a translation test for verification, so it is absolutely normal that there is no MT suggestion for the task, we always disable it on purpose :wink:


Dear Ambra,

Thank you so much for your answer. Now, I get it :blush: I was not just fully sure that this was actually the test as it came as a claimed task in a separate email apart from the email of the test and that’s why I had my doubts that there was something wrong with my account.

Thank you so much

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Hi there
I was not sure where to post this so I thought I’d try out the lounge.
Is there an option to save unfinished work on Kato TM for later use, say such as netflix?

Just claimed a lengthy task and need to log in and log out several times until the deadline to complete it.

Please advise or kindly forward this post to a relevant forum.


Hi Soke35, as I used to translated/ revise via Kato TM, I believe that once you confirm or approve your translation or revision of the segment it will be saved automatically and if you log out for any reason and log in again, just go to claimed tasks in your page where you will find work .

I hope that I helped you



Hi @soke35,
as you suggested I moved your message to a previous thread. As you can read, every time you press the translated button, your work will be saved.
I hope this helps.
Have a nice Tuesday!


thanks for your reply


thanks for providing the relevant forum


HI @soke35, thanks for reaching out here! :slight_smile:

I confirm what the kind @faretto5 and @cna142 suggested above, thanks for supporting your fellow translators :hugs:

If you haven’t yet, take a look at our Translator’s Toolkit, where you’ll find all the information you need to get started with us :toolbox:

Thanks for your support! Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with :sun_with_face:


Hi there!

I recently noticed that there is an “add comment” option on Kato TM for the text that’s currently being translated.
I have been using it for my own future reference about the task i’m translating and was wondering if my notes (or comments) disappear after i submit my claimed task.
Because if not i am thinking the reviewer would also benefit from my notes and maybe understand where and why i chose to do something different or otherwise.
Hope this was clear :thinking:


Hi @soke35 that’s a great question!

Yes, the comments will remain after you submit the task and the reviewer will be able to see them :sparkles:

Leaving comments next to the translation is also a good way of letting the reviewer know your reasoning for translation choices or any other comments you think are useful :star_struck:


i have noticed that everytime the punctuation is not a near perfect match with the source text, Kato TM warns me to check my errors.
sometimes i feel like using more as well as less punctuation marks in my work.
is that a subjective issue?


Hi @soke35, :cherry_blossom:

Rules of using punctuation marks differ from one language to another. But as you can see, using punctuation marks that are different form the ones in the source text seems as an error in the system. But don’t worry about this, you can go with your best judgment and then easily press “ignore” whenever you see it’s a false positif one. :smiley:


Hi team!
I am facing issues with Kató TM which I’ve also seen in the past, so I wonder if it is the case for everyone today as well?
I basically have to manually refresh the page for every single segment and the TM is not working.
Any feedback would be great!




Hi @dayanakguzmang, :cherry_blossom:

Yes, we’re all facing the same issue here. :confused: Hopefully it’ll be fixed tomorrow. :blossom:


Hi @soke35 @SalwaAlrifai and @dayanakguzmang :wave:

Thank you for helping each other out! We’re so lucky to have such a great community of translators that look out for each other :star_struck:

Also thanks for flagging the Kató TM issues to us :face_with_monocle:

Luckily, the issue with Kató TM should be all sorted now :white_check_mark: