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I feel more comfortable translating from my android phone, does the kato platform work if I used Chrome and enabled “Desktop site” option?

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Hi Basel, thank you for your message and welcome in our community! I believe the Kató Platform should work from your phone, yes. Have you tried already? If you have any questions, you can always ask here :slight_smile:



Sorry but is there a detailed guidelines for using the platform?
In the attached image, some "separators " are clearly in the wrong place and I need to delete them, how?
And how to add "separators " in the translated text?



Hello Basel, yes of course, we have plenty of information regarding the interface you are looking at, Kato TM:

By “separators” do you refer to the tags in the source text, such as the small arrows and squares? They are not to be deleted, you have to introduce them in the target text too. Tags are codes in the source text that will ensure the target layout will be the same, so it is very important that you introduce them. If the tags are not introduced in the target text, that segment will appear as untranslated. Please learn here how you can introduce them: Handling tags and untranslatable segments on Kató TM

I see you are translating a task for IDOP. My colleague @MiriamTWB is the PM for this project and will be able to guide you further if needed.

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Thank you very much for your help.

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Yeah I think it don’t work properly on mobile phone, I’m pressing < to see the list of tags available but nothing shows up. And in mobile phone there’s no Shift button😅.
But thanks I’ll try and use my laptop.