Uploaded the wrong file


Good morning to everyone,

I am new here in TWB and the other day I just sent the wrong translated file, while I was trying to understand how to use Katò Platform, and I still don’t know how to use it. Is there the possibility to sent in a second step the right translated file? Or is there a way to say that it was a mistake?

Thank you for your help!!


Hello Lucia, thank you for your message. You did right using the forum, however you should use the dedicated thread. To find the thread linked to the task you are working on, please check the task page and click to the link next to Discuss this task on Kató Community:
In this case, this is the thread.
My colleague @MiriamTWB will be in touch, you might need to send the translated file to her.


Hi @LUCIA1 thank you for letting us know. As the project was created incorrectly to start with. I have asked the partner to recreate the task. I will also tell the partner to manually assign the recreated task to you so you can complete the task there.


Hello @LUCIA1!
For future reference, it is possible to simply re-upload the file :slight_smile: