UNTERM - United Nations Terminology Database


I was wondering if it is possible to use the UNTERM database?

Thank you for your feedback of all sorts in case you’ve used it before, etc. I am very new to TWB and the Kató community :slight_smile:


كيف يمكنني أن أبدأفي الترجمة في هذه المنصة

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مازلت جديدة في المنصة

Hello @vmartinaud04, :cherry_blossom:

Welcome to the community. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I think you just provided a very useful resource. I am not the best one to answer your question, but I can tell that it is encouraged that translators try to search, use and even share resources that might help them or their fellow translators as long as they are open and free resources and the provider wouldn’t mind sharing their database. You may want to take a look at this thread: Free resources for translators.

I am sure @ambra and @_carolina will give the right answer, let’s wait until Monday morning to see what they think!

Hope this helps and happy translation! :dizzy:


Hi @rashaalskka603, :cherry_blossom:

Hope you are doing well! :dizzy:

Welcome to the community! You can take a look at this Welcome pack for Kató Translators; it’ll help you to to get started and learn more about the platform. :smiley:

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Hello, good question! I am afraid I am not sure about the answer so I would recommend that we ask @Manuel :slight_smile: he will let you know if it’s advisable to use the UNTERM or not.

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Hi there! Yes, you can go ahead and use UNTERM, absolutely :slight_smile: Were you asking if it is possible to integrate it with Kato TM?

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Hi @rashaalskka603,
if you complete your profile with your language combinations, everytime you log in (https://kato.translatorswb.org/), the site will tell you if there is any available task.


No. I saw that you have to log in to search the UNTERM database, so I was wondering who can register to be able to actually use the database.

Thanks for your insight!

Hello again,
I just went back to the UNTERM website and was able to do a search and get answers.

Sorry about this misunderstanding on my end. It looks like ANYBODY can use this database, which is great news!

Have a great day!


Yes! Wonderful that it worked out :slight_smile: Have you used IATE as well? They are also very good