UNICEF Project for the Bengali and Burmese Teams


Currently, the Bengali and Burmese Teams are engaged in a fantastic project for UNICEF that will deliver English translations into Bengali and Burmese.

As part of the UNICEF project management team including @anete, @Dace , @ambra, Ben and Irene, I’ll be working alongside the brilliant linguists who make up these teams, and in particular, alongside Bengali Language Lead, @Apala (whose excellent idea it was to share this fantastic project here!) and Burmese Language Lead, @Ei_Ei.

So far, the first part of the project has been completed. Our teams worked hard on translating 24 English Language lesson plans created for pre-school children from affected communities, who will be taught during a period of four weeks.

So, let’s give a huge pat on the back to the amazing and dedicated volunteers who have made this possible, and to TWB staff members @Nurangiz and @Ambraluna, who initiated the recruitment for this project in the first place :blush:

As the project progresses we’ll share all the updates here, so please stay tuned for more updates about our incredible UNICEF project!

A Big Hello to the Bengali Team

Such a nice and informative post! :star2: I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our translators of Bengali and Burmese teams. Day in and day out, you are translating and delivering important information and helping to make a real impact in this response. A big shout out to Ananya, @Asra, @nr072, @Ridwan, Sanjana and @Zahiduzzanan :tada: from Bengali team for translating/revising the UNICEF file. You did an amazing job! :confetti_ball:

Thank you Eve for this post and I’ll look forward to more update on this. :grinning:


Thank you, Eve, for your kind and informative Post. We, the Burmese Team including Aye, Soe, Vivian and myself, are very glad to be part of this big and meaningful project. Thank you all for your kind participation and we hope more people would be involved in upcoming project :smile:

Team, please share anything you would like us to know and heads up for the continuation in near future :slight_smile:


I can’t send mails to the Bengali Team or you. Every time I’m trying to do so, I’m getting a message “you can’t use more than two links in a new post”, which I’m not doing at all. Please guide and advise. Satyajit ( Kato profile - https://trommons.org/23851/profile/ )


I want to send a longish mail with details of interests, capabilities and accomplishments. My profile at ProZ.com - https://www.proz.com/profile/2610796


Hello Satyajit!

Thank you for your mail. Sorry that you had trouble replying to this thread.
I’m really glad that you want to translate for Translators without Borders and contribute to this response! We’ll get in touch with you through e-mail as soon as possible.

Best regards,


I’m confused again. I have a Kato community profile but I can send you a msg here only when I somehow get into this Unicef Project Team. I can’t find any separate Kato password but I’m not allowed to login into some Kato portals with my TWB password.


Hello, thank you for your message. You can use the same email address and password you use here, on Kato Community, to log in to your Kato Platform profile. They should be the same credentials that you use for your TWB Workspace profile. If that’s not the case, can you please email translators@translatorswithoutborders.org?
On a side note: have you seen our photo contest? It will run until October 24th and the winner will receive a TWB branded gift! We hope to see you there!


Thanks Apala. I would like to do more and more with TWB.